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Dr. Ed L. Bousfield/  
                Researcher and Analyst /retired Research Associate
                at the Royal Ontario Museum,Toronto and the
                Royal British Columbia Museum,Victoria/Zoology
                division of the National Museum,Ottawa.

Dr. Paul H. LeBlond/
                Researcher and Analyst/Canadian marine scientist
                and professor with the Department of Oceanography,
                UBC/ Author and past scientific leader in the Ocean
                Production Enhancment Network (Open).

John Kirk III/
                  Researcher/Author and President of the
                  British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club.

Jason Walton/
                 Researcher/ Vice-President  of the
                 British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club.


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Since 1999 VHS video cameras have been installed at locations of recent sightings, and have now been upgraded to high resolution digital DVR’s which records moving targets. To date, most animate moving objects at the surface have proven to be sea-lions, offering encouraging results of the motion sensor recording and should prove highly effective for capturing high resolution images of larger marine life. Caddy's appearances at the surface are rare (2-10 reported sightings per year along the entire B. C. coast) and the likelihood of catching it on a fixed camera remains slight. Nevertheless, because it may yield reproducible and publishable images, automatic surveillance offers the current best hope of confirming the reality of an enormous serpentine animal that has eluded the eyes of scientific classification…… the search continues.

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Along with gathering eye witness accounts that have built up a extensive database, the Caddyscan              project aims at providing recorded physical evidence of the animal swimming at the surface.
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