Updated guide to the Cadborosaurus.
Discovering Cadborosaurus
Dr. Paul H. LeBlond, John Kirk III
& Jason Walton.
2015 Hancock House Publishers

Amazon product description:
Discovering Cadborosaurus' will lay out for the reader the evidence of the
possible existence of this serpent-like creature. There have been many
eye-witness accounts of an unusual but distinctive large marine animal
along the coastal waters of the Northeast Pacific Ocean that simply can
not be identified as one the commonly 'known' marine animals. The
contributors, John Kirk, Jason Walton and Dr. Paul Leblond, are
thoroughly convinced of Caddy's existence and this book is the result of
their efforts on this fascinating subject.

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Ultimate guide to the Cadborosaurus.
Cadborosaurus, Survivor from the Deep
Dr. Paul H. LeBlond & Dr. Edward L. Bousfield
1995 Horsdal and Schubart Publishers Ltd.

The Hieronimus & Co. Newsletter
Cadborosaurus: Survivor from the Deep is a significant, reader-friendly
piece of research. It traces the animal's history from the first sightings
described in the West Coast native folklore and includes the media's
response to Caddy's full blown reemergence in the 1940s. It reviews
the jokes and hoaxes, Caddy's cousins, a complete list of Caddy
sightings and plenty of helpful illustrations. Bousfield and LeBlond
pay special attention to the 1937 photographs of the Naden Harbour
carcass of the slightly digested Caddy removed from the stomach of
a sperm whale. Curiously, the eyewitness descriptions of Caddy
practically mirror the photographs of the Naden Harbour carcass.

How does Cadborosaurus compare to Ogopogo
or the Loch Ness Monster? find out in...
In the Domain of the Lake Monsters
John Kirk III
1998 Key Porter Books Limited

GoodReads Description
A fascinating survey of the "unknown animals of outlandish size
" that lurk in lakes and oceans around the world, and one that will
appeal to both the converted and the curious. The book includes a
complete, comprehensive listing of sightings, organized by
geography. John Kirk is no stranger to skeptics and the cynical
media, and is himself critical of some past lake-creature claims.
He became a believer after a visit to British Columbia, where he
learned of Ogopogo, a legendary denizen of Okanagan Lake.
Together with the newly formed British Columbia Scientific
Cryptozoology Club, he would pursue Ogopogo for years.

Proposal for taxonomic recognition of Caddy.
Amphipacifica Journal of Systematic Biology
Dr. Edward L.Bousfield & Dr.Paul H.LeBlond
1995 Amphipacifica Research Publications.

In the Amphipacifica Journal of Systematic Biology Drs. Paul H.
LeBlond and Edward L. Bousfield review the large aquatic reptile
known as "Caddy" from the Pacific coast of North America.
Bousfield and LeBlond believe the historical records about this
creature contain sufficient evidence of "specimens in hand" to
conclude "the animal is real and merits formal taxonomic
description," and propose it be named and diagnosed with
vertebrate class Reptilia as Cadborosaurus willsi, new genus,
new species.

Discovering Cadborosaurus
Cadborosaurus SFTD
Domain of the Lake Monsters

Newsletter of all things Cryptozoological.
BCSCC Quarterly
British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club

Founded in 1989 by writer James A. Clark, scientist Dr. Paul
LeBlond and journalist John Kirk, the British Columbia Scientific
Cryptozoology Club (B.C.S.C.C.) comprises a broadly-based
membership of enthusiasts dedicated to the investigation of
various animals as yet unidentified by science. We are actively
engaged year-round in many different aspects of exciting

Visit the website to learn more on the BCSCC and recieve
news on Cadborosaurus and the world of Cryptozoology.

BCSCC Newsletter
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Publications on the Cadborosaurus

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