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Telegraph Bay, Vancouver Island
    July 07/2018   Red Earth Uncovered is a recent Documentary series from APTN with hosts
                          Tom Jackson and Shayla Stonechild, and have two episodes on the
    Sept 28/2018   A recently discovered carcass washed up on a beach in Richmond B.C. has
                          drawn some local attention. For more information,  Click Here
    March 13/2019   A link was recently found to a interesting article, covering sightings of
                             unknown animals off the coast of Kodiak Island in the 70's.  Click Here
    June 03/2019   A new sighting this year during May has been added, Click Here and more
                           information has been added to the Naden carcass section, Click Here that
                           includes some news clippings on the event, and a detailed time line of the
                           month in July 1937.

    May 31/2020   We have lost another great friend, by the passing of Paul Leblond.  Click Here

    May 31/2020   A new page has been added for the 2007 sighting and video that was taken
                          in Bristol Bay Alaska.  Link added soon