Boorman Photo 1
Boorman Photo 2
Naden Harbor Head
Naden Harbor Fore Flipper
Naden Harbor Tail
Naden Harbor Trunk
Naden Harbor Carcass
The 3.2 meter specimen discovered in the stomach of a
sperm whale in July of 1937. Three photo's were taken,
and the two sharpest (Shown here) were taken by the
harbors first aid officer G.V. Boorman.
Also included are enlargements of the Head, flipper, tail
and trunk of the animal.
Alaskan Carcass 1
Alaskan Carcass 2
Gabriola Island
Jordan River Skate
Misco Carcass 1
Misco Carcass 2
Decomposition can transform a well recognized animal
into something that can appear very unusual. Here is a
selection of carcasses, that were brought to our attention
over the years by some careful observers. Even though
all the animals here were identified, documenting such
encounters is well regarded, and we encourage everyone to safely obtain photos or samples if possible.

Caddy Related Photo's and Images

DVMS Still 1
DVMS Still 2
DVMS Stills 3
DVMS Stills
A small selection of stills from our digital video recorder,
that runs by motion sensor, capturing events in a small series of frames off the coast of Vancouver Island.
The full size version of "Discovering Cadborosaurus."
Velma's Caddy introduction from DC Comics
Archie Wills, Editor at the Victoria Daily Times and "The Godfather of the Cadborosaurus"
Raeside Cartoon, Times Colonist
The Washington Sea Serpent by Thos. H. Guptill
Caddy Related Images
Some miscillenius images of Caddy related material, some more fun than informative.